I know.. I’ll bet on EVERYTHING!

June 23, 2021 at 2:43 am

I tend to take a slow but steady approach to roulette. Admittedly many would simply call it boring and wouldn’t be at all interested in emulating it. To quickly explain, what I tend to find myself doing is sticking to a couple of numbers and placing chips on those come what may – along with occasionally variations of nearby numbers that include them.

There’s no particular reason why this is some kind of winning approach, it’s more a weird trait or stubbornness and allegiance being channeled into my play. If my luck is in that night and it’s one of the lucky numbers coming up multiple times, then I’ve had a great time. If, instead it’s like a ghost town, then oh well it wasn’t meant to be and it’s a case of ‘better luck next time’. No harm done.

While it’s not a matter of ‘better’ or worse’ my approach is a marked departure from the chip happy approach of some. As soon as they’re allowed to put their chips down there is a mad clamber to the point where they’ve covered all but every number on the table until the croupier states, ‘No More Bets’. Of course, generally they ‘win’, as in they have chips on the winning number, but how often do they actually win overall? At best it seems like a way to very incrementally increase your winnings, which if anything sounds more boring than my one number approach!

The real disaster scenario for the chip happy crowd is when one or the two or three numbers they didn’t manage or bother to cover comes up. It can be a real wipe out when that happens! In any case, it’s interesting to watch peoples different playing styles, so no judgement however you choose to play!