The Covid-19 Casino

August 4, 2020 at 3:04 am

Here in the UK and likely in a tonne of other countries, casinos are not yet open. Their enclosed nature, shoulder to shoulder play, and long stints that patrons put in, make them ideal breeding grounds for covid-19. However, they may/will soon open, and one redditer I spotted a comment from, was at pains to state how well prepared they are:

Actually we’re probably a lot safer than most places. I’ve just had to spend 3 days straight getting used to the new rules inside a casino.

We will be having contactless at the table so keep cash to a minimum. (no idea how gambling commission let this one slide lol but oh well)

4 people per table, if you arent playing, you’re not standing around watching, and no sharing chips – not even with your partner even if you live with them. 100 chips per each colour, with a clean 100 ready to go, as soon as a player leaves, their colour is immediately removed from play and washed.

On blackjack each player gets their own float of chips so they arent mixed around during payouts, and again, these are immediately removed from play when a customer leaves the table. Each dealer change will require the dealer to go an clean all 312 cards they used and the new dealer will bring their own clean set of cards.

3 card poker and texas hold ’em poker is closed.

We will stop the games every 1 hour to clean around the tables and perspex glass separators.

The bar is closed so only table service.

Every touch point in the casino will have sanitiser next to it.

Everytime someone leaves a slot/auto roulette machine it will be cleaned before the next person.

This is certainly well thought out and commendable, though I can’t help but thinking that the fundamentals (an enclosed environment where people stay for hours, possibly in the presence of an airborne virus) haven’t changed. So the jury is still out really. At least we still have online casinos, right?