Last Roll of The Dice

May 15, 2021 at 2:17 am

I’m pretty sure that over the years I’ve disproportionately been in the casino ‘last chance saloon’ and clawed my way back more than most. There is something quite satisfying to the point of being almost movie scene-like to be at the point of near defeat and about to go home only for your luck to suddenly change and suddenly you’re back in the race.

My game of choice tends to be roulette and so this eventuality has happened for me during that more than any other casino game. I usually do am overly ambitious robin hood style last arrow with my final bet. Something that seems even less likely to result in a positive outcome than the prior bets. Typically I’ll place it on a single number, sometimes even zero.

Of course there’s no witchcraft and magic at play here and so the majority of the time this final bet is an much of a left down as the ones before it. However when it comes good there is no better feeling in gambling! Here’s hoping that you’ve saved up all of your good fortune for that final spin of the wheel, that last roll of the dice.

Cormac Quote

April 7, 2021 at 4:48 am

Graeme’s Misses

March 14, 2021 at 11:13 pm

In a casino that I attend a few times a year and which shall renamed unnamed, I would often see a man named Graeme on the roulette wheel. It wouldn’t matter if it was weeks or months since I’d last been there, just like clockwork Graeme would always be present and accounted for. Sometimes he’d be winning, sometimes losing (mostly losing tbh) but he was a, or the, regular fixture.

Graeme wasn’t alone though…  Graeme’s wife was always by his side, and always drinking a cup of steaming hot tea. I could not ascertain whether it was flavoured as I couldn’t get close enough to inhale the aroma without drawing undue attention to my fascination with Graeme and his other half. Of course the tea was free anyway so maybe she’s the real winner here, but I never quite understood her role in what was unfolding.

Was she the browbeaten wife with no option but to tag along, was she the mastermind behind a betting system that she forced Graeme to carry out over a period of many months, was she bored and just fancied seeing Graeme’s finances fly off the rails? We never did get to the bottom of it and one day Graeme stopped showing up so we had nothing more to go on. My ideal post  Graeme scenario would be for his wife to have continued to sit at the roulette table drinking tea (but not gambling), so sadly that didn’t happen either, and so on this occasion it looks like we all lost out.


February 7, 2021 at 12:07 am

If there’s one game that really draws people to casinos it simply has to be slots. Sure poker has its place, but it largely attracts a certain kind of cerebral attitude (if you’re into winning that is!). Roulette too is fun, though there is still a level of involvement that goes beyond that of slots. Slots is the ultimate ‘what you see is what you get’. There is of course the possibility of a big win that accompanies every spin of a wheel, and a somewhat hypnotic feel to proceedings, but it can also be a fun ‘time waster’.

Even ‘back in the day’ there was significant appeal to slots but nowadays there are countless themed games both online and off that essentially truly do mean that there is something for everyone. If you’re on your cell phone it’s the case of ‘pick up and play’, if you’re on a tablet or laptop it’s just as easy really. And there are countless welcome bonuses, free spins and the like to keep people coming back for more. That’s by virtue of how competitive the online casino site world has become.  Some people take advantage of these bonuses with regularity and are very disciplined in their play, bringing in a tidy profit through little work. Others are insteadon the look out for a life changing win from their slots playing.

So whether you’re playing for fun, or on the lookout for a life changing win, slots are a great way to spend your casino time. It’s important to know your limits but in terms of games that draw you in with lights, sounds and more importantly casino action, there is surely no other game that quite rivals that of playing slots.